Aggourida Lyrarakis (verjuice)

This is another “first” for Lyrarakis Wines! Verjuice or Aggourida as we call it in Crete, which was a very important ingredient of Cretan cuisine traditionally, but had subsequently almost disappeared from daily cooking. This is the product of unripe black grapes pressed and immediately frozen. It has a very unique flavour, well balanced between sweet and sour with a syrupy texture. It’s a fantastic ingredient for salad dressings and marinades. It is also surprisingly tasty in cocktails and cordials.

To try it why not mix 10ml Verjuice with 125ml of Prosecco in a flute or mix 15ml with 60ml of Gin or Vodka in a shaker with ice and pour into a Martini glass to enjoy a Verjuice Martini!